Ancestors of Bellasis and Frame-Thomson

Sixth Generation

32. Joseph BELLAS was born in 1691. He died on 2 Jul 1766 in Long Marton, Westmorland (Cumbria). Joseph married Margaret HILL in 1727 in St Michael's, Appleby. [Parents]

Joseph Bellas bequeathed his estate to his son Hugh, his daughter, Margaret, and also Hugh's eldest son, John.

33. Margaret HILL [scrapbook] was born in 1700 in Crackenthorpe. She died on 21 Jun 1787.


40. Thomas WALMESLEY was born on 16 Aug 1795 in Sholley. Thomas married Susan TRUSLER. [Parents]

41. Susan TRUSLER.

Susan was adopted.


46. NEWTON [scrapbook].


48. John THOMSON died in 1824 in Balfron.

John was a bookkeeper in Balfron, Stirlingshire. He had eight children by his first wife and five by his second wife; Alexander was the youngest of them all. It is not known by whom William was born.  It is also not known who was John's father but James Thomson, the poet, who lived in Edinburgh, is a strong favourite (see


52. Robert FRAME [scrapbook] was born in 1776. He died in 1848. Robert married Christina PITCAIRN in 1796. [Parents]

Robert was a timber merchant.

53. Christina PITCAIRN [scrapbook] was born in 1775. She died in 1849. [Parents]

There was a sailing ship called "Christina Pitcairn", which was a privateer carrying Letters of Marque, therefore before the Battle of Waterloo. Christina was a descendant of one of the rebels in the mutiny on the Bounty, who gave his name to the group of islands in the Pacific Ocean when he and his fellow rebels were put ashore.


54. Robert MILLER. Robert married Margaret MORRISON.

55. Margaret MORRISON.


56. John MCCLYMONT was born in 1775. John married Janet MCCLYMONT.

57. Janet MCCLYMONT.


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