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1. John DE BELASIS [scrapbook].

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John de Belasis, recorded also as Belasius and Belasyse, was a Norman knight.  Belasyse is listed under the "Additional Names by Duchesne" to "The Duchess of Cleveland's Roll of Battle Abbey", &
There once existed a Flavius Belisarius, who fought with the Romans.  Coming from the Bulgarian region, he had Gothic, or Old Norse, origins and the Visigoths played an important role in the fall of the Western Roman Empire. Perhaps he was a double agent. Both ideas combine to place him ultimately in Normandy. Flavius may also have been known as Belasius, who is reported to have come from Bellassize, near Coulommiers, east of Paris, and was descended from one of the Viking warriors who settled in the area.  William, Duke of Normandy, made him master of his forces and he fought at the Battle of Hastings in 1066. He was then appointed General of the forces in England, bringing into submission Egelwinus, Morcar, Hereward and other adherents of Eadger Atheling.  (This has been copied from the Path notes of Douglas Bellas on the web at - a little different from previous knowledge - and the Battle Abbey Roll.)  They were reduced to obedience on the Isle of Ely in 1071.  His camp was at Audrey Causey in the manor of Wiverleigham; still called Belsar's Hill (  The Earl of Morcar was still in prison in 1086, the year of Domesday Book, in which he appears as landowner of the territory between Tyneside and Teesside.  Those lands passed to John de Belasis after the execution of the Earl of Morcar that same year.  The principal avenue in Billingham is Belasis Avenue and ICI dedicated a science hall there to the family name.  There is also a housing estate called Bellasis and a Belasis Business Centre on Teesside.

He had the following children.

+ 2 M i Rowland DE BELASYSE.

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