Descendants of John DE BELASIS

Fifteenth Generation

31. John BELASYSE (John BELASYSE , William BELASYSE , John BELASISE , John BELASISE , Robert DE BELASISE , Thomas DE BELASISE , Roger DE BELASISE , Rowland BELASISE , William BELASIS , Robert BELASIS , William DE BELASIS , Ralph DE BELASYSE , Rowland DE BELASYSE , John ).

John married Anna LAMPLEY [scrapbook]. Anna was born in Lampley.

They had the following children.

+ 32 M i Sir Robert BELASYSE.
  33 M ii

Fought in a battle in 1419
  34 F iii
Elizabeth BELASYSE.
        Elizabeth married Thomas BRIGHAM.
        Elizabeth also married Sir John CRAMLINGHAM.
  35 F iv
        Julian married John FISHBURN.
        Julian also married Sir John WADDEN.

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