Descendants of John DE BELASIS

Sixteenth Generation

32. Sir Robert BELASYSE (John BELASYSE , John BELASYSE , William BELASYSE , John BELASISE , John BELASISE , Robert DE BELASISE , Thomas DE BELASISE , Roger DE BELASISE , Rowland BELASISE , William BELASIS , Robert BELASIS , William DE BELASIS , Ralph DE BELASYSE , Rowland DE BELASYSE , John ).

Sir Robert Belasyse, by his charter dated 1407, made a marriage settlement.

Robert married Margery DALTON [scrapbook], daughter of Richard DALTON.

She had two daughters by this marriage who died young.

They had the following children.

+ 36 M i John BELLASIS died in 1439.
+ 37 M ii William BELASYSE.
  38 M iii
Sir Robert BELASYSE.

Fought in a battle in 1431.

Robert Belasyse fought a battle in 1431.  It is not known which battle. The Scottish civil war was raging at this time and Robert could have been fighting with the Royalist forces of King James I of Scotland at the Battle of Inverlochy.  On the other hand, the 100 Years War was continuing in France, though there was no specific battle in 1431, the year Joan of Arc was executed. Further research is required.
  39 M iv
Geoffrey BELASYSE.
  40 F v
Catherine BELASYSE.
        Catherine married William YOUNG.

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