Descendants of John DE BELASIS

Nineteenth Generation

45. Richard BELASYSE (Thomas BELASYSE , William BELASYSE , Robert BELASYSE , John BELASYSE , John BELASYSE , William BELASYSE , John BELASISE , John BELASISE , Robert DE BELASISE , Thomas DE BELASISE , Roger DE BELASISE , Rowland BELASISE , William BELASIS , Robert BELASIS , William DE BELASIS , Ralph DE BELASYSE , Rowland DE BELASYSE , John ) was born in 1489. He died in 1540.

Richard Belasyse enjoyed the patronage of Cardinal Wolsey, who held the see of Durham from 1523 to 1529.  By 1527, he had been appointed Constable of Durham Castle.  Later, he joined The Council of the North; perhaps through the influence of his younger brother, Anthony.  He was also appointed one of Henry VIII's Commissioners of the North to oversee the surrenders of the monasteries in the northern counties.  In 1539, he received various grants of lands from this work, including the lease of Newburgh Priory, which passed as a grant to Anthony.  He possessed the manors of Henknoll, Bradwood, Barington, Scole-Acle, Morton, Heighington and Pelton and lands in other manors, including Bleatarn in Co. Westmorland.  This last one he bequeathed to his son Richard, who bequeathed lands to his nephew, Bryan.

Richard married Margery ERRINGTON [scrapbook]. Margery was born in 1497. She died in 1587.

In Houghton-le-Spring church, there is a brass plaque showing Margery Belasyse, née Errington, with her twelve children.  She died aged 90.

They had the following children.

+ 49 M i Sir William BELASYSE was born in 1523. He died on 13 Apr 1604.
  50 M ii
Richard BELASYSE died in 1599 in Morton House, Houghton-le-Spring, Co. Durham.

Richard Belasyse, by Charter 1596, settled lands in Greta Haswell, Ludworth and Owton, Co.Durham, on his nephews: Bryan, Charles and James.
  51 M iii
  52 M iv
  53 F v
  54 M vi
  55 F vii
  56 F viii
Margaret BELASYSE.
        Margaret married William PULLEYNE.
  57 F ix
        Jane married John HEDWORTH.

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