Descendants of John DE BELASIS

Twentieth Generation

49. Sir William BELASYSE (Richard BELASYSE , Thomas BELASYSE , William BELASYSE , Robert BELASYSE , John BELASYSE , John BELASYSE , William BELASYSE , John BELASISE , John BELASISE , Robert DE BELASISE , Thomas DE BELASISE , Roger DE BELASISE , Rowland BELASISE , William BELASIS , Robert BELASIS , William DE BELASIS , Ralph DE BELASYSE , Rowland DE BELASYSE , John ) was born in 1523. He died on 13 Apr 1604.

Sir William Belasyse was appointed High Sheriff of York in 1574; Knighted at Newcastle.  Became heir to his uncle, Dr Anthony Belasis.

His monument in the Church at Coxwold, Yorkshire, bears a series of heraldic arms displaying his direct lineage from Norman times.

In addition to the nine children named, he had two more daughters, whose names are not known.

William married Margaret FAIRFAX [scrapbook], daughter of Sir Nicholas FAIRFAX.

They had the following children.

+ 58 M i Sir Henry BELASIS was born in 1555. He died on 19 Aug 1624.
+ 59 M ii Bryan BELASYSE was born in 1559. He died in 1608.
  60 M iii
Nicholas BELASYSE was born in 1557.

Living in 1564
  61 M iv
Richard BELASYSE was born in 1551. He died in 1559.
  62 M v
Charles BELASYSE DCL was born in 1560. He was buried in 1601 in Houghton-le-Spring.
  63 M vi
James BELLASIS was born in 1562. Lived in Owton He died in 1640. He was buried in Stanton.
James married Mary TUNSTALL [scrapbook]. Mary was buried in Stanton.
James also married Isabel CLAYTON.
  64 F vii
Catherine BELASYSE was born in 1553.
Catherine married Thomas METHAM.
  65 F viii
Anne BELASYSE was born in 1564.
  66 F ix
Jane BELASYSE was born in 1566.

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